How long does it take to complete a Vtuber model?

The duration is typically 4-8 weeks, excluding duration used for changes and revisions. For characters of higher complexity, it may require more time. Please feel free to ask about your character! Please note that all duration mentioned are working days; excluding weekends and holidays.

What is the process like during commissions?

Step 1: Drafting

Base on the information and/or references, a draft sketch will be done for your Vtuber model. After which, changes and revisions are made during this step until satisfaction before proceeding.

Step 2: Flat Coloring

Colours will be added to the line art, we may then discuss changes and possible colour palettes here.

Step 3: Rendering

After the colours are confirmed, detailing such as shadows, shading, intricate patterning will be done.

Step 4:

The completed model will then be broken up and rigged!

You will receive updates on every step ♥

How do I commission a Vtuber model?

In every listing, a character details order form is attached under Character Form tab, simply fill that up upon checking out and send it to us under notes section. You may also send them to us directly on Discord ChibiStudioCo#9171 or email it to us at chibistudioco@gmail.com. 

Alternatively, you may also send over files, documents, Pinterest mood board, reference sheet, sketches or any form of document to help express what you have in mind.

Can we discuss the design for my Vtuber model?

Of course! Please feel free to contact us through Discord at ChibiStudioCo#9171 or email us at chibistudioco@gmail.com. You may also set up an online consultation with us. 

Can I use my Vtuber model for commercial purposes?

For everything commissioned with us, we reserve the rights to use the works for display, listing and portfolio purposes. Other than that, the full personal and commercial rights to the model will belong to you. You may go ahead and do anything you want with it!