Custom commission for Vulpera
Custom commission for Vulpera
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Reference sheet with back + side view of character design

The duration is typically 4-8 weeks, excluding duration used for changes and revisions. For characters of higher complexity, it may require more time. Please feel free to ask us about your character.

For any enquiries, please contact us on Discord at ChibiStudioCo#9171 or email us at

Please kindly note that any duration mentioned by us are referring to only business days. Weekends or holidays are not included in the timeframe. 

-Character details-


Body type:



Character's personality:

Clothing style:


Eye shape:

Hair color:

Eye color:

Clothing color:

Other requests if any:

Please submit this form upon placing your commission via Discord at ChibiStudioCo#9171 or email it to us at You may leave any of it blank if you are unsure or would like to leave it up to the artist. 

What is the process like during commissions?

Step 1: Drafting

Base on the information and/or references, a draft sketch will be done for your Vtuber model. After which, changes and revisions are made until you are happy with your model before proceeding.

Step 2: Base colouring

Colours will be added to the line art, we may then discuss changes and possible colour scheme here.

Step 3: Detailing

After the colours are confirmed, detailing such as shadows, shading, intricate patterning will be done.

Step 4:

The completed model will then be broken up and rigged!

You will receive updates on every step ♥

Do I need a ready design to commission?

No you do not, we do designing as well. You can let us know your requests via a written description, mood board or a set of picture references and we will do up a design accordingly.

How do we communicate during commissions?

Communications and updates are usually done through Discord. We also support other means of communication such as email, social media, Telegram. Just let us know what is better for you

Can we discuss the design for my Vtuber model?

Of course! Please feel free to ask us anything. During commissions, we will also make sure that you like the design of the character before moving on to the next step.

You will be able to make changes or adjustments during the commissions and we will not move on until you are satisfied with what you're seeing!

Can I use my Vtuber model for commercial purposes?

Everything commissioned from me, the full rights to the model will belong to you. You may go ahead and do anything you want with it!

Got more questions?

Add us on Discord at ChibiStudioCo#9171 and ask away!

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